Pomeranian Security Forum



ISSN: 2543-6392

   Ul. inż. J. Śmidowicza 69, 81-103 Gdynia
tel.: + 48 782 220 963
tel.: + 48 501 068 600
e-mail: pfb@amw.gdynia.pl

The scientific journal was created on the initiative of the PhD students of the Faculty of Command and Maritime Operations of the Bohaterów Westerplatte Naval Academy in Gdynia and is edited by them.

The aim of the Pomeranian Security Forum is to exchange thoughts and scientific achievements together with integrating the environment with the knowledge of social sciences and safety sciences in Poland and abroad. The scope of research problems undertaken in the journal also includes related sciences, provided that their subject matter is consistent with that of the basic journal.

The journal is divided into themes/areas/districts:

  1. maritime safety.
  2. economic security.
  3. social security.
  4. human security Human security.
  5. energy security.
  6. international security.
  7. national security.
  8. internal security.
  9. reports and reviews.
  10. Test reports.


In order to ensure the correctness of bibliometric entries, we introduce the following numbering for the journal, effective from 2019: number of the journal in a given year/sequential number from the beginning of the issue/year of the issue, e. g.

  1. Information for Authors
  2. Scientific Council
  3. Reviewers
  4. Magazine Statute
  5. Ethical priciples